Are you looking to build a new driveway? Here at Spot On Concrete, we can provide you with the concrete you need to create your brand new driveway. Whatever size you’re planning, we’ll be more than happy to help. Spot on Concrete has been offering concrete in Leeds and the surrounding areas for many years. In this article, we will discuss our ready-mix concrete as well as our concrete calculator service that can help you understand the exact amount you’ll need.  So, if you’re searching for ‘Concrete Driveway Leeds’ then enquire with Spot On Concrete today or telephone our team directly now on 01422 248 888

Our Ready Mix Concrete

Concrete Driveway Leeds

Our ready mix concrete can be prepared for use in rapid time. We will mix the exact amount you need on site, ready for you to use. Also, you’ll only pay for the exact amount of concrete used. When you choose us to provide you with ready-mix concrete, you won’t need to worry about hiring any equipment, making the right mixture or wheelbarrowing it back-and-forth – we’ll sort it all for you. You won’t be paying for concrete, you’ll be paying for our experts to come and do all the work for you – all this will be at a bargain price too!

Whenever you need our concrete, we can bring it. Whether that be weekends, out of hours, even short notice – we’ll bring out ready-mixed concrete and it’ll be on site as soon as you need it. We won’t arrive hours early because we’ve already mixed our concrete or hours late because we’ve been mixing it. We’ll come to your site and mix it there for you.

Concrete Calculator

Our ready mix concrete calculator helps you calculate the exact amount you’ll need for your project. All you need to do is measure Length, Width and Depth and enter them into our online calculator. Though we do recommend adding an extra 5-10% onto your total estimate to allow for possible errors as well as spillage or over-excavation / uneven surfaces.

Quality Assurance

Concrete Driveway In LeedsDid you know Spot On concrete are the only volumetric concrete supplier in the northeast to have achieved BSEN206, BS8500-1 and BS8500-2 accreditation? We also have ISO9001 and Constructionline certification! Every six months we are audited to confirm that our exceptionally high standards of concrete and customer service are being maintained. We also calibrate our volumetric concrete mixers every 6 weeks – so you know the concrete you are being supplied from Spot On is 100% spot on!

We are also proud to operate an in-house laboratory and offer a full concrete testing service. When you choose this, one of our technicians will take a sample of your concrete delivery and perform various tests on it, just so you can show your clients the exceptional quality of the concrete you have ordered. We will never use recycled aggregates or blended cement to provide you with the best concrete available.

The tests we perform are slump tests and cube tests. Cube testing is a simple, cost-effective way to test if the compressive strength of concrete is fit for its purpose. We will take concrete samples directly from the concrete truck while it is pouring and then they are cast and cured under BS standard conditions. These samples are water cured for specific periods of time and then crushed to determine their maximum compressive strength.

Concrete Driveway Leeds

Our ready mix concrete is an ideal material for a concrete driveway Leeds. We are trusted in this area and can deliver your ready mix concrete wherever you need it. Alongside our delivery service or concrete, we also many additional services that can help you out hugely. We will be more than happy to help transport your concrete around the site in either a pump or wheelbarrow and help ensure that your concrete is delivered exactly where you need it. All of our concrete pumping operators are fully trained and CPCS qualified. So, if you need a concrete driveway Leeds or the surrounding area, then be sure to come to us directly. Either, call us today on 01422 238888 or enquire online using the personal contact form on our website.