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Concrete FAQ Halifax



‘Never over or under order again’


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Spot on Concrete (Halifax) Ltd

Crown Works, off Grantham Road, Boothtown, Halifax, HX3 6PL

Company reg: 6289538                                         VAT: 915 8621 13



The benefits of using a certified volumetric concrete supplier


Spot on concrete only use the highest quality,Cem1 cement, limestone and gritsand in  our products. All of our materials are quality assured and produced to british standards.




Using a reliable and certified concrete supplier for your project should be the first and important priority for any building contractor.


The bsi kitemark is the gold standard for quality in the construction industry, we are required to pass regular assessments/ audits and quality testing to ensure our manufacturing process meets the kitemarks high standards. Ensuring our concrete will achieve the strengths required by surveyors, architects and inspectors and will last a very very long time.


Spot on concrete hold the Bsi kitemark BSEN206-1 and BS8500 1&2, ISO9001, and constructionline Accreditation


Spot on concrete are one of the largest independent certified volumetric concrete companies in the uk.



These accreditations are usually only awarded to traditional drum mix suppliers.    




Uncertified cheap concrete usually consists of low strength cement intended for producing mortar and is blended with waste materials, the aggregates usually contain recycled glass,crushed tarmac, sandstone and contaminated- low quality materials. Producing a concrete that does not meet the required strength  and can increase the buildings risk of structural weakness.


Bsi quality assured concrete can only cost a couple of pounds more than concrete from uncertified suppliers, spot on concrete is affordable, reliable and the best option for keeping your building safe and strong for as long as possible.




  • Concrete is batched fresh onsite and you only pay for what you use, leaving no mess or waste,
  • The exact strength and slump of the mix can be adjusted onsite to suit your exact requirements
  • Concrete is mixed fresh giving you a longer working time, drum mix concrete can be 1 hr old by the time it reaches your site.
  • Never over or under order again.
  • Different types and strengths of concrete can be produced from the same wagon whilst onsite.


Concrete FAQs

How do we pay?


Spot on concrete only charge you for what you use, an invoice is generated onsite and payment is due immediately after delivery. 


Payment methods

  • Bacs,
  • Debit cards are free
  • We charge 2.5% for credit cards
  • Or cash to driver

How do I work out how much concrete I need ?


We require the length width and depth of the area to be concreted and

Use our concrete calculator here: Online Concrete Calculator


Do you wheelbarrow the concrete?


Spot on concrete offer a wheelbarrow service it is a free service to help our customers get the job done and to help us get onto our next job

We will wheelbarrow if the site is suitably prepared, we will not wheelbarrow up or down steps or through mud or grass.


How long can the wagon stay onsite


Spot on concrete  allow 15 minutes discharge time per cubic metre when wheelbarrowed

10 minutes when poured

Waiting time of £60 per hour plus vat will be added after.