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High Quality Ready Mix Concrete at Competitive Prices

At Spot On Concrete, we supply and deliver reliable ready-mix concrete across to commercial project sites or to domestic DIY projects across the Yorkshire region, such as Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford. We promise nothing but the best quality ready-mix concrete services that the north has to offer. At Spot On Concrete we are proud of our unblemished image in the ready-mix concrete market that proves our services are unmatchable.

Feel free to reach out and learn more about our ready-mix services, any specific needs your specialised project may have including concrete pumps services such as line pump hire or mini pump hire. A member of our hard-working, friendly team will be at hand to advise you on the service that is best for you and will support you to find an option that is best suited for your project

Whether you are a trades person or a DIY ready-mix concrete customer, you can guarantee the highest quality ready-mix concrete and services from Spot On Concrete.

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Ready-mix concrete can be prepared for use in rapid time. This means we can mix it on site. It also means that you’ll only be paying for an exact amount of concrete. Need a bit more concrete? Before you know it you’ll have more. And not only that, you won’t have any waste concrete leftover at the end.

Our ready mix concrete can be used for a mass multitude of purposes including house building, home extensions, conservatories, basement conversions, paths and pathing, external paving and walkways, drainage and fencing as well as industrial and agricultural applications.

Our ready-mix concrete can also be quickly delivered to the exact site with our highly effective concrete pumps. We offer concrete pumping services throughout West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester to prevent the need for wheelbarrowing or labour work. The concrete pumps we use can efficiently pump ready mix concrete to where it is required for your construction project, be it across the ground or at height, ensuring complete accuracy.


At Spot On Concrete, we are highly aware that not all specifications of ready-mix concrete are the same, therefore, all the mixes we supply are produced to your own bespoke specifications. If you are unsure about how much concrete you require, then feel free to use our very handy concrete calculator. Our concrete calculator will help you to work out the exact amount of concrete that you need for your project.

Our team can support you to work out how much concrete is required for your project. Feel free to contact us and inform us about the details of your project. An expert member of our team will advise you and come to a solution for your concrete needs.



Our ready mix concrete gives us precise control over how much concrete is made for your project. So, how much do you need? The bulk of your concrete will probably be going into a square area, so you calculate how much concrete you need with a few measurements:

When calculating the amount of concrete required, we recommend adding an extra 5-10% onto your total estimate to allow for possible errors as well as spillage or over excavation / uneven surfaces.

Your Measurements…


You will require:

cubic metre(s).

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  • Expert Support – We are proud to be a reputable ready-mix concrete supplier that can help you choose the right mix for your project’s requirements and streamline the whole concrete process
  • Save Time – Our ready-mix concrete services mean that you can start working on your project without waiting for on-site mixing.
  • More Cost-Effective – Using ready-mix concrete significantly lowers costs as it curtails material consumption and storage costs. Additionally, it eliminates the need to have a labourer on-site to mix the cement.
  • Environmentally Friendly – As the batches of ready-mix concrete are custom-made, there is a very minimum or no amount of wastage. Any surplus materials can be easily reclaimed and refurbished back to their normal condition.
  • High Quality – The quality of ready-mix concrete is always maintained as you are working to specific requirements.


Because we do more than just deliver you some concrete. Hiring equipment, worrying about the mixture, wheelbarrowing it back-and-forth, these all cost money and take time. And these are all things that we can take care of for you.

You’re not just paying for concrete, you’re paying for our experts to come and do the work for you. And when you add up the price of doing it yourself, you’ll see for yourself that what we’re offering is an absolute bargain.


Tell us the time and we’ll be there. Weekends, out of hours, even short notice. We use ready mix concrete so that we can mix it for you on site. We won’t turn up hours early because it’s already mixed or hours late because we’re still mixing it.

We’ll be on site and mixing it at a time that’s best for you, so it’s ready right when you need it.

Ready-Mix Concrete FAQs


How much does a yard of concrete cost delivered?

The price of delivering a yard of concrete depends on a few important factors:

  • How far the concrete company is to your location and delivery charges
  • Price of concrete in the market at the current time of year
  • The cost that a yard of concrete being delivered
  • Type of concrete that’s being delivered
  • Additional services like using one of our 3 types of concrete pump

If you need more clarity on the ins and outs of concrete delivery costs, speak to one of the team. Whether you are unsure if you are an area we serve or the type of concrete you require, no concrete question is too general or complex for us, we are keen to help


Ready-Mix Concrete Related Questions


Why is the cost of concrete so high?

Concrete, cement and bricks have been at a stable price for years. However, last year these building materials have risen in price due to the production costs, this is reflected in rising energy prices in the UK. In fact, recent statistics from the Department for Business and Trade reveal that the material price index for all construction activities had increased by 1.5% in May 2023 compared to May last year.