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When calculating the amount of concrete required, we recommend adding an extra 5-10% onto your total estimate to allow for possible errors as well as spillage or over excavation / uneven surfaces.

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Ready mix concrete can be prepared for use in rapid time. This means we can mix it on site. It also means that you’ll only be paying for an exact amount of concrete. Need a bit more concrete? Before you know it you’ll have more. And not only that, you won’t have any waste concrete leftover at the end.

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Unlike some national companies that struggle with bureaucracy, we can get concrete to you in a fast and efficient manner.

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Is your building site large? Does it have narrow access? Are there several areas of the building that need concrete? If so, our wheelbarrowing service is what you need. Pumps don’t always reach as far as you need them, but our wheelbarrowing just keeps going and going.

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We’ve got the answer thanks to our large range of pumps. From the boomless minipump to larger boom pumps up to 47 metres in length and in-between, we have a wide range of machines from which you can choose.

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Spot on Concrete

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Concrete & Cement Halifax

We deliver concrete in West Yorkshire, when you need us to and where you need us to. Weekends, out of hours, even on short notice. We know that when you need concrete you don’t want to be waiting around. With Spot On Concrete, you won’t be.

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