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Spot On Concrete has managed to build up an unblemished image in the ready mix concrete industry and market. This is one of the reasons why our services are unmatched. It does not matter if you are a DIY or trade concrete customer. The bottom line is that you should always expect only the best concrete pumping services from Spot On Concrete. Pumping concrete is labour saving – which means you can deliver perfectly on time.

At Spot On Concrete, we can provide Concrete services in Batley as well as the rest of West Yorkshire, including areas such as Wakefield, Leeds, Bradford, York, Sheffield and all surrounding areas.  If you are in Batley and have any questions, need a quote, or want to discuss a project then feel free to reach out to our friendly team of experts on 01924 970542 or you can send an email.

Image displaying a concrete boom pump from Spot On Concrete in use on a commercial construction site

What Is A Concrete Pump? 

A concrete pump is a machine usually on a vehicle that is used for transferring wet ready mix concrete or liquid screed to the lay site. In total there are two different types of concrete pumps:


A boom pump uses a robotic arm to deliver ready mix concrete and screed accurately. They are most popularly used on construction sites as they have the ability to pump large volumes of concrete quickly and effectively.


A boomless pump does not have a robotic arm like the larger boom pumps do. Instead, boomless pumps do. Instead, boomless pipes rely on laying pipes from the vehicle to the lay site.


  • Sermac Zenith 4ZR21 – 4 sections / 21m vertical reach, Sermac Extreme 3Z22 – 3 sections / 22m vertical reach
  • Sermac Extreme 4Z26 – 4 sections / 26m vertical reach, Sermac Extreme 5Z32 – 5 sections / 32m vertical reach X2
  • Sermac Extreme 5Z37 – 5 sections / 37m vertical reach, Sermac Scorpio 5R47 – 5 sections / 47m vertical reach
  • Mecbo AUT P6/24.4 – 4 sections / 26m vertical reach
  • CIFA K41L XRZ – 5 sections / 41m vertical reach

Our Concrete in Batley 

With Spot On Concrete, you will receive nothing but the highest standard of concrete that is available in the industry. We will also supply and deliver ready mix concrete across the Yorkshire region to the site of your DIY or commercial project.

Our team can provide you with the best quality ready mix concrete services that the North has to offer. It does not matter to us the size of your business or project, we can guarantee the highest quality ready mix concrete service to you. When you are ordering your ready mix concrete from us, you can rest assured that we will get concrete to you quickly, efficiently and with any deadlines in mind that you or your business has.

Our ready mix concrete can be used for a wide variety of purposes including house building, home extensions, conservatories, basement conversions, paths and pathing, external pathways and walkways, drainage and fencing, as well as industrial and agricultural applications.

Concrete Pumping In Batley

There are two main types of concrete pump, a boom pump and a boomless pump. A boom pump uses a robotic arm to deliver ready mix concrete and screed accurately. Boom pumps are most commonly used on construction sites as they have the ability to reach large heights and low depths quickly and effectively. Boomless pumps do not have a robotic arm and rely on laying pipes from the vehicle to the lay site. Spot On Concrete provides both boom pumps and boomless pumps.

Feel free to enquire with us regarding which pump is suitable for your project.

Experts In The Industry

When you hire concrete pumps from Spot On Concrete, you get a fully trained operator. The majority of our operators are CPCS qualified pump operators. You will benefit from their expertise and advice as to how and where to place the machine upon arrival of the vehicle. The concrete pump will place concrete where you want it in a quicker and efficient way than standard methods.



Our ready mix concrete gives us precise control over how much concrete is made for your project. So, how much do you need? The bulk of your concrete will probably be going into a square area, so you calculate how much concrete you need with a few measurements:

When calculating the amount of concrete required, we recommend adding an extra 5-10% onto your total estimate to allow for possible errors as well as spillage or over excavation / uneven surfaces.

Your Measurements…


You will require:

cubic metre(s).

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