Easy guide to Ready Mix Concrete in Halifax by Spot On Concrete

Whether you’re a building company working on a large project or fancy doing some home improvements, we have the ready mix concrete for you. At Spot On Concrete, we supply the best and fastest delivered ready mix concrete in Halifax for whenever you need it, ensuring that your project runs as smoothly as possible.

For fast and affordable ready mix concrete in Halifax, telephone 01422 248888.

Ready Mix Concrete in Halifax for Domestic Projects

ready-mix-concrete-halifaxAt Spot on Concrete, our ready mix concrete is suitable for a whole range of domestic projects that you may partake in for your home, from garage floors and driveways to animal stables and housing foundations. We take out the hassle of your concrete mixing and delivering. You choose when you want your concrete delivered – early mornings, weekends, evenings; we deliver when you want it. We also ensure we deliver the exact amount you require by mixing the concrete on site. We won’t charge for any concrete you don’t use because they’re won’t be any excess; we can always mix more if you need more to complete your project.

Ready Mix Concrete for Commercial Projects

We understand at Spot On Concrete how complicated and time consuming a big building project can be, which is why we like to ease your work and have all your ready mix concrete delivered directly to the building site at a time that suits you and your workers. We are capable of, not only delivering the ready mix concrete, but wheel barrowing it around your site to wherever you require it for an extra cost, giving your workforce time to focus on their tasks. There is no project too big. We can deliver however much ready mix concrete you require to complete your project, and our highly trained drivers can deliver it to even the remotest building site around Halifax.

Before we deliver our ready mix concrete

We, at Spot on Concrete, want to make your project run as smoothly as possible. To do this, there are a few things you need to do before we deliver your ready mix concrete to you:

  1. Prepare the ground – You must ensure that the surface your ready mix concrete is being poured onto is free from any weak materials and is compact and flat to remove any excess moisture and stop the concrete from being uneven when dry.
  2. Prepare your form – a form is a wooden perimeter surrounding your pouring site. It ensures that no ready mix concrete will escape during pouring and drying and will leave a better finish on your ready mix concrete.
  3. Add a wire mesh or rebar – A rebar or wire mesh is used to add stability to your concrete, especially for heavy load-bearing structures. The difference between a wire mesh and a rebar is the strength they give to the concrete; a rebar will crack the concrete more but will give the concrete a higher stability, whereas the wire mesh is not as strong but will lower the chance of any cracks appearing in your concrete.

We work to the highest standards and take pride in every single ready mix concrete delivery that we do. This is backed up by our many accreditations of BSEN206, BS8500-1, BS8500-2 , ISO9001 and our Constructionline certification. All of our accreditations are audited every 6 months to ensure we continue to deliver the high quality ready mix concrete that we promise.

We are the experts in preparing ready mix concrete and have many year’s experience making and delivering high quality ready mix in Halifax to all size and types of projects. If you would like to know more about Spot On Concrete’s ready mix concrete for your project, please do contact us on 01422 248888