Concrete Pumping is a method we use to make the delivery and pouring of concrete much easier, faster and tidier. Using this method cuts our the multiple trips with wheelbarrows filled with concrete, which takes time, considerable physical effort and also runs the risk of spillage and wastage. Concrete pumping will take up less of your team, so you’ll have more members to get on with other jobs.

Here at Spot On Concrete, we are able to deliver and pump concrete to wherever and whenever you need us in and around Morley. Whether this is on weekends, out of hours, even on short notice. When you choose us you won’t be waiting around for your concrete – we’ll deliver it on time. Contact us today on 01422 248888 and kick-start your project with our premium quality concrete.

Concrete Pumping Morley


Why Use Concrete Pumping?

Having a concrete pump at every building site is essential. It’s a considerably faster and more accurate way to place concrete than any other method, and it’ll take less labour than having to run around concrete in wheelbarrows. When you choose to use a concrete pump, a job that would take five men two and a half hours to pour could take only three men one hour. This means the rest of your team can get on and do other jobs and therefore you’ll be able to complete more jobs each day.

Types Of Concrete Pumps:

There are two different types of concrete pumps that we use across different projects: ground pumps and boom pumps. They each have their own benefits and suit different projects.

Ground Line Pump

Ground line pumps are hydraulic pumps that are mounted onto the back of a truck. They consist of various connected steel pipes and hoses and can pump the concrete at speed to a precise location. These pumps can reach up to 150m long, so they are able to reach even the most difficult of access routes with ease.

They transport the concrete at an amazing speed of 1m3 per minute and they can be perfect for difficult to access areas and having a flexi pipe means that they can pour round corners with ease.

Boom Pump

Boom pumps are designed for sites where a ground line pump can’t access the required location. They are able to reach up and over a site, pumping the concrete up through the hydraulic arm and back down into the exact spot where it’s needed. Boom pumps are a revolutionary way to make sure that no location is off limited for the pumping of concrete – they can go upstairs, over walls, fences and even certain buildings. They’re perfect for both domestic and commercial jobs alike.

Concrete Pump MorleyWhy Choose Concrete Pumping Morley?

Here at Spot On Concrete, we have withheld a great reputation and are well trusted in Morley and the surrounding area including Halifax and even offer concrete pumping in Manchester. We pride ourselves on the level of our commitment to our customers as well as the quality of our service. You can expect a whole range of advantages to your next construction project when you choose us here at Spot On Concrete for Concrete Pumping Morley – all of our operators are fully experienced, qualified and have a wide expertise in concrete pumping. Whether you’re looking to carry out a small-scale project or a large scale build – we can offer the exact concrete service you need that offers ease of navigation across your site as well as easy dispensing. So, if you’re looking for a Concrete Pumping Morley service, then be sure to contact us here at Spot On Concrete by calling us on 01422 248888.