At the moment, we are spending a lot more time at home which means we have been able to carry out a lot more projects that we otherwise would not have had the time to do. Concrete is a wonderful material which can be used for a lot of construction around the home but not only this but even for decorative pieces which can be used in your home and garden. Spot On Concrete has put together a list of creative ways which you and your family can use concrete at home or in the garden. 

We know that local lockdowns are happening around the UK meaning that your children might be home from school. If you are stuck on what to do, we have also included a range of activities which can be done with the children. (Please do be careful as concrete can be dangerous when handled in the wrong way, make sure not to leave children unattended at any time.) 

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Concrete Path Way

For an easy and inexpensive alternative to traditional brick or stone walkway, you can build a durable and stylish path using concrete! You can actually find a paving stone template which will allow your concrete to look like beautifully placed stones. Pack the template with wet concrete and then scrape away some of the wet concrete over the mould. Simply lift up the mould once you’re done and let it dry. You could even use this method for an entire patio for a classy effect. 



This is one you can do with the children! All you have to do is get two plastic bowls and add some non-stick spray so the bowls don’t stick to the concrete. Add some concrete to the first bowl and then place the second bowl inside. Vibrate the bowl to get all of the bubbles out. Place a stone in the top bowl which will keep it down, keeping the shape of the concrete bowl. Leave it for two nights and take away both the moulds! You will then have a beautiful brand new bowl. 

Concrete Fridge Magnets 

Concrete Fridge Magnet

Fridge magnets are brilliant for keeping memories close by! Whether it’s your trip to Barbados or your time during the lockdown, fridge magnets are the perfect keepsake for your home. Did you know that you can make a fridge magnet with concrete? Neither did we! But let us show you how. All you have to do is buy ice cube tray moulds (You can get them in any shape you like.) and pour your concrete into these moulds. Add a magnet to the back and let them dry, it’s that easy. 


concrete coaster

Coasters are also a perfect gift, especially if your family member loves a hot beverage or works on a desk. You can add your own personal touch to your coasters by handmaking them with concrete. (Another great activity to do with the kids!) 

All you have to do is pour the concrete into circular moulds and let them dry. Once they are dry add concrete sealer as it is inevitable that coffee or tea will be spilt on them at some point. Again, once this is dry, place tape on the concrete circle in the middle and paint on the side to add a bit of character, this will take about two coats to get it covered. To protect your table from the coaster add a soft material to the bottom. 

Plant pots

concrete plant pots

To add some character to your home you could also make concrete plant pots! They are super easy to do and a lot cheaper than buying a bunch of plant pots as once you have the concrete you can make as many as you wish. 

It is exactly the same method as the bowl, grab yourself a large container and with non-stick spray fill your pot up with concrete then place the second container (a slightly smaller one) on top weighed down. Wait for this to set and then pull your moulds out! The best part about this is that you can make moulds for any sized plant. It really is that easy.  

Spot On Concrete 

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