Concrete is a very common instructional material, it is a blend of snow water and other aggregates. There are two main types of concrete, which are called volume metric concrete and already mix. This article explores the differences and the benefits of each type of country, and we will understand the types of projects that each type of concrete is best suited for. 

What is Volumetric Concrete?


Volumetric concrete is another word for mix on site concrete. It is a type of concrete that is mixed by volume rather than by weight. Typically, mixed on-site using volumetric concrete mixers. These vehicles are self-contained portable batch plants. They contain the necessary ingredients to make concrete such as sand, aggregate, cement, admixture and water to allow for the production of concrete. 


This method of production for concrete removes any waste costs, as the quantity can be adjusted between jobs or whilst the job is happening.  Trucks are driven to sites where the mix can pre-produce to a specific Mix and delivered in precise quantities to streamline the concrete elements of your project. 

What is Ready Mix Concrete?


Ready mix concrete Otherwise known as the initials RMC is the only mixed or pre Mixed Concrete that is used in various Industries not just construction and DIY projects, for example Agricultural and commercial projects would benefit from concrete ready mix services. According to the Research lead of the Statia Energy, Chemicals & Resources team, in 2021, the UK produced 22.2 million metric tons of ready-mixed concrete, a 14.4% increase from the previous year. This mix of concrete is mixed off site and delivered to the site. The way this product is sold is by volume. Cubic metres are not a common way to quantify construction materials. Aggregates for example are sold by weight by manufacturing, in this way you can remove any excess concrete from hindering your project’s budget.


Concrete specialist services such as spot-on concrete have ready mixed batches in and around North Yorkshire, we also have a fleet of mixer lorries pubs and our specialist equipment that we can deliver to sites across the county.


Ready mix concrete is an excellent choice for a lot of projects, for example if the material for needles homes and is used in foundations, subfloors and even the internal flooring in the form of liquid screed. We of bare services liquid screech 

Volumetric vs Ready Mix Concrete Comparison


Premixing concrete provides a range of benefits:

  •  Mix to the exact ratio sound water cements and gravel to meet the stroke required for the specific job line break
  •  Delivered directly to the location 
  • The quantity required means that 
  • Having a team of concrete experts to do the job for you whilst you can guess on with other aspects of your project 


This intense control over the ratio of water to other ingredients in your concrete means that if the job of concreting is finished, you can go back at a later time and know the exact ratios in which the previous concrete was made, keeping the same quality consistency and strength.


Concrete Production Process


Both types of concrete have their own drawbacks.  Volumetric concrete is prepared on the site of the construction, because of this unregulated environments there can be discrepancies in the quality of concrete it’s important to be cautious of this during the process.


Volumetric concrete is a waste free alternative to normal concrete services as only the required amount is mixed during preparation, whereas volumetric concrete is manufactured and delivered to the clients.  This means if you should have a full calculation of how much concrete you’re going to need as there’s a chance of wasting materials.


Volumetric concrete mixes hold components required and take those see the sides, whereas ready mix concrete will be delivered to you, so it’s really important to triple check specifications that you ordered and ensure that there are no on the spot changes. Powerball with spot on concrete you can easily get more concrete if you order too little and vice versa.


Quality of Concrete


Quality of concrete is really important when it comes to safety for concrete based constructions, both concrete have unique characteristics. However, ready mix concrete is a Predator by the British Standard Institute and when compared to what you actually have, has a more consistent quality.


Cost of Concrete


In terms of cost, volumetric concrete is cheaper due to removing the parts of a process that is the on-site mix it, but Ready Mix concrete can be made affordable by using tools like our concrete calculator to understand the right quality of content concrete that you need for your personal construction product to be that the commercial, domestic or agricultural projects.